US Nurse Jailed For Urging Briton's Suicide

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US Nurse Jailed For Urging Briton's Suicide

Post by Guest on Thu May 05, 2011 5:47 pm

An American nurse who encouraged a Briton to take his own life has been ordered to return to jail every year on the anniversary of his victim's death for the next decade.

Melchert-Dinkel befriended up to 20 suicidal people on the internet

The unusual sentence for William Melchert-Dinkel was welcomed as "justice" by the family of Mark Drybrough, of Coventry, who hanged himself in 2005.

Melchert-Dinkel, of Faribault, Minnesota, had befriend Mr Drybrough, 32, by posing as a suicidal female nurse and offering step-by-step instructions on how to kill himself.

Rice County District Judge Thomas Neuville found the 48-year-old guilty in March of aiding the suicides of Mr Drybrough and 18-year-old Canadian Nadia Kajouji, who died by jumping into a river in 2008.

Melchert-Dinkel was sentenced to nearly a year in jail, with 320 days to serve from June 1 and the remaining 40 days to be served in two-day stints over the next decade on the anniversaries of Mr Drybrough and Ms Kajouji's deaths.

Mr Drybrough's mother Elaine, 62, said she believed that justice had been done. "We think it's quite a reasonable sentence. He has to report back for prison for two days in March and two days in July every year for 10 years as a reminder of the people that died." Mrs Drybrough learnt of the correspondence between her son and an alias of Melchert-Dinkel soon after her son's death and made repeated efforts to alert authorities in the UK and the United States, prior to the death of Ms Kajouji. "Somebody said to me, 'you must hate him', but I don't know really - it's difficult," she said. "I think he has learnt his lesson. It gives a message if there's other people doing that as well, that they don't necessarily get away with it."

Prosecutors said Melchert-Dinkel acknowledged having taken part in online chats about suicide with up to 20 people and entering into fake suicide pacts with about 10, five of whom he believed killed themselves. The trial heard that he was obsessed with suicide and hanging, and sought out potential victims for "the thrill of the chase" because he wanted to see his victims die.

Defence lawyer Terry Watkins had called his client's behaviour "sick" and "abhorrent", but argued that it was not a crime because he did not directly incite the victims to kill themselves. He said Mr Drybrough had been ill for years and went online looking for drugs to use to take an overdose while Ms Kajouji was going through a difficult time in her life, had suffered a miscarriage after drinking heavily and was depressed.

No This doesn't sound like justice to me, what an evil, evil man Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad


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