Third World Immigration Controls Save Denmark Billions of Pounds

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Third World Immigration Controls Save Denmark Billions of Pounds

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:03 am

Denmark is saving over 5.1 billion kroner (£609 million) a year thanks to tighter immigration controls on non-Western migrants, a Danish government report has revealed.

The figures show that the country has saved £5.4 billion since 2002, when stricter rules were introduced.

The main savings are due to the country reducing the annual amount of non-Western immigrants it lets in.

According to the report, immigrants and descendants of immigrants from non-Western countries cost the state 15.7 billion kroner per year, whereas immigrants and descendants of immigrants from Western countries contribute 2.2 billion kroner per year to the economy.

The new policy has ensured that there are now fewer non-Western immigrants and more Western immigrants coming to Denmark.

The coalition government and its main ally, the Danish People’s Party (DF), are predicted to use the findings from the report to further tighten the country’s immigration requirements.

DF had a key role in writing the rules and conditions set out in the immigration law established by the government in May 2002, which it called "Europe's strictest".

The party now intends to use the findings of the report in its negotiations with the government about the country’s reform package, which aims to eliminate Denmark’s annual budget deficit by 2020.

DF also wants the local authorities to encourage immigrants who cannot find work in Denmark to return to their home countries.

Søren Pind, the immigration minister of the centre-right party Venstre said: “Now that we’re seeing that it is not inconsequential who comes into the country, I have no problem with further tightening the entry requirements for those who could be suspected of becoming a burden to our society.” Twisted Evil


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