Attacker who led savage gang assault on teenager has sentence reduced

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Attacker who led savage gang assault on teenager has sentence reduced

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:04 pm

A dangerous teenager who led a prolonged and savage gang attack on a 17-year-old Plymouth girl has had her sentence slashed by top judges on appeal.

Sabrina Yasmin Barber, 16, pictured, was locked up for five years at Plymouth Crown Court in January after admitting causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Naomi Morrison, a trainee nursery worker.

Naomi was burned with a cigarette and had her face stamped on during the attack, which was led by Barber at Plymouth Hoe in December 2009.

A 10-strong pack of girls was involved in the incident, which left Naomi physically and emotionally battered.

During the attack, Barber, who was high on mephedrone, “toyed with her victim”, who was falsely accused of lying, standing on her face and forcing her to head-butt an iron bench.

The sentencing judge said she had displayed an “appalling” level of sadism.

However, Barber, of Milltown in Lostwithiel, has now successfully appealed against her sentence, which top judge Mrs Justice Rafferty cut from five to four years.

The judge, sitting with Lord Justice Moore-Bick and Mr Justice Eder, said the crown court judge was “right to describe the assault in the terms he did” and to find that Barber was dangerous.

However, she said the five-year sentence was nevertheless too long for someone of

Barber's age.

Barber was also hit with a five-year extended licence period, meaning she could be recalled to prison after release if she put a foot wrong.

The Appeal Court substituted a three-year licence term.

After the ruling, Naomi said she was ‘shocked and angry’ at the decision. She said: “I think it’s sick. I was 16 when it happened to me. I’m 18 now and still dealing with it.

Age doesn’t matter: it is the attack she did and the damage she caused me which matter.

“I’m still going through the mental side of it. I’m still going through therapy and counseling. I’ve still got the cigarette burns on me, still have problems with my jaw, still waiting to have my tooth taken out that she cracked and then pushed back into my gum.”

Naomi’s mother, Virginia Compton, said: “I am angry; it’s out of order after what she did to Naomi. Barber deserved what she got.”


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