Easter Weekend Weather

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Easter Weekend Weather

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 19, 2011 6:47 pm

Sunbed weather? Hope so! Smile

Warm sunny weather coinciding with the school Easter holidays is one thing but is it going to continue throughout the Easter weekend?

The weather often changes during the four day Easter break from Good Friday to Easter Monday . For some southern and eastern areas this year may remain mainly dry, sunny and warm throughout. However, through Easter Day and Easter Monday there's a higher chance of showers in Ireland and western Scotland. Don't be surpised to see a shower or two in other parts too, although most will miss them. There'll be other exceptions with coasts having cooling sea breezes and perhaps staying misty, but many will see some good sunny spells.

Easter weather can vary considerably depending to some extent on when it falls. Our last fine Easter was back in April 2007 when much of the UK was again dominated by high pressure bringing four dry days over the south and east with lots of sunshine. 1984 was another notably warm one but the Easter of 1949 stands out as temperatures on Easter Saturday, 16th April, soared to 29.4 Celsius in London at Camden Square - this is the highest temperature ever recorded in April.

Looking at some poor Easters and that of 2009 was particularly gloomy. 2008 was a very cold one with snow reported in the north Midlands, northern and northeast Scotland. The Easter of March 1964 stands out as it was one of the dullest Easters on record with Kew recording its coldest Easter Day for 81 years.



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