Mum Tells How She Couldn't Stop Son Drowning

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Mum Tells How She Couldn't Stop Son Drowning

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 19, 2011 6:21 pm

A mother has described how she saved her two-year-old daughter from drowning after their car plunged into a dyke – but was unable to rescue her teenage son.

Jack Brennan,16, died in the car after it hit a pothole and veered into water near Boston in Lincolnshire last August. An inquest has found his death was "accidental". It heard how his mother, Rachel Edwards, who was six months pregnant, escaped from the car through an open window, then dived back down to try to rescue the children. She managed to grab Isabella but couldn't free her son because she would have lost her grip on the toddler. Two of Jack's friends managed to get out of the car and run for help.

Rachel Adams arrives at the inquest into her son's death

Donna Lee, who lives nearby, told the inquest in Horncastle, Lincolnshire: "When I got there the mother was on top of the upturned car and her child was hanging onto her. Me and my father threw straps to her to help her get to the bank. She said, 'Where is Jack?' and I thought, 'My God someone else is in the car'. Ms Edwards told the inquest: "I was having trouble with the sat nav. It took me down the wrong roads and I kept having to turn around. I was worried because it was getting to dusk." The family were on their way for a holiday in Mablethorpe.

Ms Edwards added: "It was a bumpy road. It was like going over speed bumps. The car swung to the right and I don't know why it went left. I don't know why it drove into the river. Jack put a hand on my arm to hold me back. It tipped forward and just went down. I thought, 'God we are in the water'. I knew we were in trouble. It just went pitch black and the car turned over. I took a deep breath. But I gulped water two or three times. I had to think. I think I got out of the window. Rushes were wrapped all over me. I got to the surface but no-one was there. Then the two boys were out. I told them to get help. I swam around the car and felt a handle and opened it." It was the door nearest Isabella.

I remember seeing this story in the news at the time, desperately sad for all concerned. The outcome could have been even sadder if the Mother hadn't acted quickly Sad

Hope the family can now move on and find some peace x


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