UKIP Use Immigrants to Deliver “Anti-Immigration” Leaflets

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UKIP Use Immigrants to Deliver “Anti-Immigration” Leaflets

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 17, 2011 9:09 pm

People tempted to vote for UKIP in the coming elections as a “guilt-free” protest against immigration into Britain need to remember the hypocrisy the establishment-promoted party embodies.

While supposedly spreading an “anti-immigration” message, UKIP have previously used immigrants from Sri Lanka to deliver their leaflets in Wrexham.

The truth about UKIP candidate John Humberstone was revealed after a chance meeting with the British National Party’s John Walker, who is standing in North Wales in the 2011 Assembly election.

Both candidates were at the elections office outside Wrexham Guild Hall to hand in official papers for the general election last year, when Mr Walker noticed that Mr Humberstone was accompanied by a person, who later emerged to be Sri Lankan, with almost no English language ability at all, despite carrying what appeared to be UKIP nomination forms.

Mr Humberstone confirmed to Mr Walker that the person was a “member of UKIP” who “had arrived here [in this country] just after Christmas [2009]”.

Photographs on Mr Humberstone’s campaign website confirmed that his election team is made up of immigrants. Mr Walker later had it confirmed that the foreigners were Sri Lankans.

“For UKIP to pretend that it is opposed to mass immigration and the Islamification of Britain when their own party structure in Wrexham is based upon Sri Lankan students who cannot even speak English, is extremely shocking,” Mr Walker told our News Team.

“The fake UKIP party can rest assured that the British National Party will expose this bunch of lying hypocrites during the coming campaign and, once we are in power, will put an end to these sort of abuse of our nation’s hospitality.”

Mr Walker stressed that it was not about the skin colour of the students, but the hypocrisy of UKIP.
“UKIP is a party which claims to be worried about domination by the EU, but seems to care nothing if Britain is overrun by immigrants from elsewhere in the world,” Mr Walker said.

“According to UKIP logic, Britain cannot be ruled by Brussels, but it seems to be of no concern to them that the British people are set to be submerged in a tsunami of immigration from the Third World.

“I would also like to post the question to UKIP: why would Sri Lankan students have any interest in UKIP?

What on earth would be their motivation? It is all deeply suspicious and just another indicator of the total falseness of that party.”

UKIP’s policy is to pointlessly stop immigration for just five years, then restart it. Only the British National Party has a serious, long-term stance on stopping immigration. Twisted Evil


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