New F1 Season: Vettel is the man to beat...

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New F1 Season: Vettel is the man to beat...

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:29 pm

From Guardian Sport:
Sebastian Vettel showed all the other Formula One drivers what they have to beat this season when he put in a stunning lap to grab his 16th pole position for Sunday's Australian grand prix.

"We were not too slow," he said, with masterful understatement. "We have done the first step. But we have zero points and it will be a long season."

There was a gasp of amazement in Albert Park as world champion Vettel, who had been fastest in Q1 and Q2, then dominated Q3 with a run which was 0.8 seconds faster than second placed Lewis Hamilton. And Vettel didn't even use reintroduced KERS system, which might have added another half second to his time.

Vettel was the drive they were all talking about in Melbourne. Last year he won the world championship, to become the youngest ever driver, despite bad lack and a few errors made out of a lack of experience.

With more experience and a more reliable car he could prove unstoppable. But judging by the way he drove yesterday Hamilton just isn't in the mood to let that happen. And there is still much more to come from Webber.

And so the new season of F1 begins Very Happy

I won £50 off a mate last year when he backed Hamilton and I had Vettel (hah! I wish I had Vettel Razz ). And I will be backing him again this year. I'm hoping it is less intense this time, hopefully the Red Bull will be more reliable this year- if they are, unstoppable will be right Very Happy


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