Prince Harry's Engagement Intro. Party of Meghan Markle, hit's a Royale Snafu

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Prince Harry's Engagement Intro. Party of Meghan Markle, hit's a Royale Snafu

Post by Aspca4ever on Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:28 pm

Some might say, that this was 'just an over sight' - some might say that this was 'an obvious jab' at Meghan's race - some might be right on both or SPOT ON regarding the way the 'Posh Born Brits' go about getting their digs/jabs and deep social snipes into anyone NOT OF THEIR BREEDING & STANDARDS!
And for me ...that educated/author/historian/lecturer and art consultant knew exactly WTF she was doing.

Seems the heinous blue bloods will need a serious PC sessions or a good shake down/frisking before they are allowed in the presence of Prince Harry's future bride to be. 
I'm calling this pure evil - racist BS and she needs a dressing down from Queen Mum.

Dec 22 2017, 4:49 pm ET
Princess apologizes after wearing brooch deemed ‘racist’ to lunch with Meghan Markle
by Phil McCausland
A British princess apologized on Friday for wearing a brooch considered "racist" to Meghan Markle's first meeting with the royal family.
The apology came after Princess Michael of Kent wore a blackamoor brooch on her left shoulder to the queen's annual Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace. Some deemed it a slight to Markle, who attended the event with her fiancé Prince Harry.
Markle, whose mother is black, will be the first self-identified biracial person to become a high-ranking member of the royal family when she marries Harry in May.
A spokesman for Princess Michael told the Daily Telegraph, "Princess Michael is very sorry and distressed that [the brooch] has caused offence."
The princess is described on her website as a "Writer, Historian, Lecturer, Interior Designer and Art Consultant."

Charlie Proctor ✔️ @MonarchyUK
Princess Michael of Kent appears to have officially turned into a parody of herself as she attends The Queen's Christmas Party wearing a blackamoor brooch.
7:58 PM - Dec 20, 2017
The princess, whose father served as a **** SS officer before and during World War II, has drawn criticism in the past for other statements.  In 2004, Princess Michael came under fire when she told a group of black patrons at a New York City restaurant to "go back to the colonies," the Guardian reported at the time.
She later attempted to defend herself when asked about the incident, telling ITV, "I even pretended years ago to be an African, a half-caste African, but because of my light eyes I did not get away with it, but I dyed my hair black."
According to The New York Times, another moment of controversy came in 2007, when two British scientists said their research indicated that female baboons' rank is hereditary.
“I always knew that when people who aren’t like us claim that hereditary rank is not part of human nature, they must be wrong. Now you’ve given me evolutionary proof!” she reportedly said.
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