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Re: Hang on a minute.

Post by Aspca4ever on Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:12 pm

Shady2 stated > Can you make full recovery from Lymes disease?

Interesting question, and I'm still in hope's and seeking that answer!
As far as the recent data has shown; Some Humans do & most do not!
The youngest Lyme's survivor that has been documented and tracked was a 22yr old in North Carolina and he is now 37 and still having reoccurring bouts of depilating muscle/bone & joint pain and brain fog. 
Since hospitals & general MD's were lax in understanding and wanting to analyze this blood borne disease it's languished for years {circa early 70's} when a couple of hunters were first diagnosed with this rare & odd blood issue.
Out here in the Midwest; our medical providers neither have the inclination to CARE nor the fortitude to stay up todate with the links & data that the Lyme's suffering public has to find on their own accord!
I've read 4 different cases where the length of reoccurrence was as far back as 10+ years and in different extremities each occurrence.  So one repeating visit would be attacking just the upper body: spine/arms/elbows/wrists & hands ...then the next time it was: lower back/hips/knees/ankles & feet along with such horrid swelling and throbbing pain! 
Both Hydrocodone & heavy doses of antibiotics smother & quill those flare ups but those will eventually become futile weapons once your immune system becomes too used to using them as a fail safe way to deal with Lyme's!
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