Trump has broken so many records!

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Trump has broken so many records!

Post by Jules. on Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:01 am

Since he became POTUS he and his huge extended family have ALREADY had more spent on their security & safety in a few short months than any other president.

He has generally behaved more outrageously than anyone else.

And he has sacked / seen off more employees than everyone else, Scaramucci being the latest. FFS he should install revolving doors at the White House lol!!!

It's like he's aiming to get in the Guinness book of records .... for everything.

Also, I wonder if the reason he hires & fires people so readily is because he was the host of 'The Apprentice'? The show that made him a household name, years ago. Seems he's brought that same hire & fire mindset to the White House with him.

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