Why the Conservatives are regressive, not progressive

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Why the Conservatives are regressive, not progressive

Post by Irn Bru on Tue May 30, 2017 11:19 pm

David Cameron and his Conservative Party have launched to success in the past year through an apparent re-brand of traditional conservatism and the 'nasty party'. Away with 'there's no such thing as society', in with 'the big society', away with conservative values with a small 'c', in with the party of the 'radicals'. Forget about the Tory belief in 'every man for himself' - now they're the 'progressive' party, upholding the rights of the poor and fighting for a more equal society. So convincing has their change of heart been, that even the formerly progressive think-tank Demos has set up an entire programme dedicated to the quest of 'progressive conservatism'.

There's just one small problem: the Tories are not progressive. Quite aside from the fact that the very notion of progressive conservatism is an oxy-moron akin to 'wealthy poverty', one only has to dig a few milimetres beneath the surface to see that their apparent upholding of progressive values represents a monumental display of double-speak that even Orwell would have been hard-pushed to satirize. That they have been propelled into the lead in the polls on the back of emotive language such as 'the big society', 'progressive' and 'radical' shows that there is a heartening appetite in the population for these genuinely left-wing and social democratic values. But we should be under no illusion that the Tory Party will deliver such a vision - the reality of the Tory party plans is the polar opposite.

The Conservative Party Manifesto seriously challenges anyone's belief that they are a progressive or radical party acting in the interests of society. A reasonable understanding of the word progressive, in political terms, is the development of policies that tend towards fairness, equity and equality, rather than perpetuating cycles of wealth and privilege. A fair understanding of radical is a departure from entrenched policies that do not serve the interests of the wider society. An intelligent interpretation of a 'big society' is one in which the role of the public sector is recognised, protected and upheld. The plans outlined in the Tory Party manifesto are in direct opposition to such lofty claims.

This blog will analyze the Tory manifesto, David Cameron's speeches and the all aspects of Conservative Party policy to highlight that the Tory agenda is predominantly regressive rather than progressive. To highlight but a few examples:

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Excellent article and summing up of the Tories.
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