The NHS improved under the last Labour government - Fact

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The NHS improved under the last Labour government - Fact

Post by Irn Bru on Tue May 30, 2017 10:59 pm

There are many different causes of high death rates and there is no "magic" solution.
Death rates in NHS hospitals have been falling over the past 10 years and the rate of improvement in the 14 hospitals under review has been similar to other NHS hospitals.
Factors often claimed to be associated with higher death rates (such as access to funding and poor health of the local population) were not found to be statistically associated with the results of these hospitals.
Accuracy of clinical coding (the way hospitals make a computerised record of diseases, operations and other "healthcare episodes") can impact on death indicator numbers. For example, the review says that coding patients to make them appear sicker or identifying a higher amount of multiple conditions can improve death rates, but arguably represents an attempt to "fix the figures". Some hospitals were said to not be responding to the signals the figures were identifying as they felt they were incorrect, which is potentially a matter of concern.
There is also a widely quoted figure that NHS failings have led to 13,000 unavoidable deaths. This figure was given by Professor Sir Brian Jarman, a member of the review's national advisory group, in a BBC radio interview. It is currently unclear from the media coverage what evidence Professor Jarman  used to make these claims, but the media has reported this figure as a fact that emerged from the main review itself, when actually the report gives no such figure.

The high death rates were nothing other than a Tory smear campaign. As usual the Tories just engage in lying. It's what they do..
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Re: The NHS improved under the last Labour government - Fact

Post by Sassy on Wed May 31, 2017 9:58 am

And let's not forget that the chief of the NHS apologised to Andy Burnham for the smear against him:

'Furious' Bruce Keogh apologises to shadow health secretary after government attack on Labour over hospital trust deaths

The medical director of the NHS, Sir Bruce Keogh, has privately apologised to the shadow health secretary, Andy Burnham, over the Tories' "political operation" to use his report into the death rates at 14 hospital trusts as an attack on Labour's record.

Keogh told Burnham that he was sorry about the smear campaign led by Conservative MPs and officials in the days immediately before and after publication of his report.

It is understood that Keogh was furious that his findings had been used to blame Labour for the unnecessary deaths of 13,000 patients, a figure that he did not recognise. Keogh was overheard apologising to Burnham, the former Labour health secretary at the centre of the attacks, when the two men were at government offices on Millbank, where the Sky and BBC political teams are based.

A source at the offices said Keogh told Burnham, "Andy, I'm so sorry", and appeared to show his disgust at what Keogh described as a "political operation". Burnham was overheard insisting that Keogh had "nothing to apologise for", adding: "It's a good report."

Burnham, who prime minister David Cameron called on Labour leader Ed Miliband to sack over the findings in the Keogh report, declined to comment on "a private conversation". An NHS spokesman said Keogh had been called away on family business and was not contactable.

However, an email exchange between Keogh and an unnamed individual, who criticised newspaper reports claiming that the review had found 13,000 unnecessary deaths, reveals something of the NHS boss's thinking. Keogh wrote: "I agree with your sentiments entirely. Not my calculations, not my views. Don't believe everything you read, particularly in some newspapers."

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