Newsfix - A Response

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Newsfix - A Response

Post by Admin on Mon May 29, 2017 9:24 pm

Newsfix – A Response

I want to make the position quite clear as far as Electric Sky is concerned. It’s a story but a short one so I won’t take up much of your time.

I am a member of Newsfix and fully intend to stay as one. I don’t flounce but I choose not to post there just at the moment. During my time there so far I have been on the receiving end of some of the most abusive attacks that I have ever witnessed. I have had to endure my family being ripped to shreds. My Father, my Mother and my brothers, all the subject of cruel and vile abuse by a raving lunatic. It doesn’t bother me as I can look after myself and well able to put the clown in his place but my family are not here as my parents have both passed away and my brothers are not members so they’re not here to defend themselves. And never once did I see any sign of any moderation or any moderator stepping in to stop it or hand out a warning. Of course I could have done that myself but then we would all have to endure endless wailing from the clown as he ran around claiming I had used my mod status to win a debate.

As far as me and other members are concerned we have to take abuse amid claims that we’re IRA sympathisers, Palestinian terrorist supporters, Jew haters, commies and heaven know what else. Every time sassy posts on there she’s subjected to wild claims along these lines and the worst one was the one where she made a polite comment to Dibs on the thread about her father passing away reminding her that she herself had lost her daughter and suffered some serious abuse which was absolutely disgusting that came from her. She was quite entitled to speak up but you would think she had committed some heinous crime and was hounded off the board and the most shameful way possible giving no thought to the hurt that all that had previously caused her.

Have a look at the thread USS Liberty and you will see what I mean. The only person that stopped by to speak out and say something about the abuse was Rags who got a lewd and disgusting comment thrown back in her face. Here is exactly what was said?

‘Give yourself a wipe; you must be soaked by now

That’s the level of intelligence and abuse we have to deal with – lewd and indecent comments with nothing being done about it.

Now scrat has been banned forever and is consigned away whilst he has to watch people previously banned for much worse than he ever did; which included threats to bring the forum down. Now that apparently is supposed to be a lifetime ban but it hasn’t been enforced. He had to watch whilst the moderator that binned him gloated away with Flap on the very thread that he started to announce he was binned. Surely it must have been possible to see how others would possibly see that as nothing more than a stitch-up. So is scrat to be afforded the same consideration that two others received and be allowed back or is the ban in place forever?

So some of you don’t bother trying to take the moral high ground on this as you don’t deserve it. And don’t bother telling us on how to behave before first looking in your own back yard and be seen to be doing something about the lunatics running around dishing out abuse with impunity together with those that support them in what they say – it’s not on. You do that and maybe we can get some civility back in place.

I have great respect for many on Newsfix including Brits and of course the non Brits who in particular give us the opportunity to see how we are viewed from other countries. In the words of Robert Burns...

Oh would some power the gift give us, To see ourselves as others see us.  
Wise words indeed.

Thank you Rags for your support on that thread and I fully intend to repay that by giving you the same support on here.

That is all.

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Re: Newsfix - A Response

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:32 pm

On reflection I should have added a link to the US Liberty thread so here it is...

#Read the last post. There is something really odd about someone using a photograph of very young children in a playground as a prop to score a point in a debate. These are someone's kids and I don't know where he picked that up from but it can't have been anywhere with any sense of decency.

And for the benefit of those looking in from Flap world just a reminder of the hate that Flap holds - bless him the poor soul.

Flap wrote this...

I hope you die in agony like that decrepid old Scotsman you called daddy Never ever called him that.

A reference to my old man who died of coal dust retention in the lungs.

And now poor wee Flap has blocked me on twitter - can't stand the heat.

And Didge is a member of this board so he has not been denied an opportunity to respond. He just needs to log on.


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