Roger Moore RIP

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Re: Roger Moore RIP

Post by Aspca4ever on Wed May 24, 2017 1:50 pm

He eventually became the longest-serving actor in the role, his seven Bond films becoming the most commercially successful of the franchise. His tenure in the role also showcased an array of implausible gadgets and a host of new characters, designed to flesh out Ian Fleming's original plots. Roger George Moore was born in Stockwell, south London on 14 October 1927, the son of a policeman.
At 15, he entered art college, and later became an apprentice at an animation studio, where it seems much fun was had at his expense. "I was probably the lowliest in the entire building," he said. "They sent me on errands for things like tins of sprocket holes, and the guy in stores would say he didn't have any - and would rainbow paint do instead?"

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The actor made something of a name as a male model in the 1950s.  Sir Roger was sacked for incompetence, but soon had a stroke of luck. His father, by now a detective sergeant, was called to investigate a robbery at the home of the film director, Brian Desmond Hurst. DS Moore managed to effect an introduction that led to his son being hired as an extra for the epic, Caesar and Cleopatra. Hurst paid for Sir Roger to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, before a spell of National Service with the Army where he rose to the rank of captain. On his return to the theatre, he found acting roles hard to come by but his well-toned physique meant he was in demand as a model. One of his engagements was playing the doctor in Woman's Own medical features.
Dashing hero
He also appeared, suitably attired in a sweater, on a number of knitting patterns, prompting at least one wag to christen him the Big Knit. And in 1953, his looks and his minor roles in theatre and television plays impressed an MGM talent scout and Sir Roger set off for America. Married at 17 to a fellow Rada student, Doorn Van Steyn, he was by now living with the singer Dorothy Squires, 12 years his senior, who soon became his second wife at a ceremony in New Jersey. In 1963, he became a father, when his partner, Luisa Mattioli, had a daughter, but it was to be another five years before Dorothy Squires agreed to give Sir Roger a divorce. He married Luisa and they had two sons, but after 38 years, Sir Roger left her and they were divorced. He married his fourth wife, Kiki Tholstrup, in March 2002. Sir Roger recovered from an operation for prostate cancer in 1993 and said he had led "an extraordinarily lucky, charmed life".
He reminded me very much of the suave Gary Cooper type; when placed in a role that just didn't suit his NON-Rugged handsome refined good looks he was more of the sarcastic wise cracking joker then the 'muscle man' that Sean Connery!  In fact Roger Moore was quoted: 'I was refinement and Connery was rugged pure male attraction - kick your butt hero type!'
But my first introduction to that persona was via his modeling of those sweater vests; in my many attempts to conquer that horrid challenge of KNITTING - his handsome image was on the pattern package that I'd purchased - KNIT EASY, it said.  OMG - I don't think I ever got it completed {circa 1970's} Evil or Very Mad  
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Re: Roger Moore RIP

Post by Sassy on Wed May 24, 2017 3:14 pm

I remember those. He was self depreciating with a great sense of humour, even though he did tend to use women a bit!
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