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Post by Scrat. on Thu May 18, 2017 3:22 pm

For 7! yes Seven!!! Years the nasty party have promised us that theyll reduce immigration to the 10,000s, it has risen sharply ever since and is now at its highest level ever.

Tories have introduced a £1000 immigrant tax on skilled immigrants, that might sound good, but the reality is, the immigrant will obviously work for a lot less than the British worker, and the immigrant is less likely to join a union and more likely to sign away his employment rights once the position has been offered.

Economists are now predicting that an attempt to reduce immigrant levels to 100,000 will cost the exchequer £5.9BN

You have to do the math!

The future is clear for our youngsters! Take the job on a zero hour zero contract zero rights and timed as you pee basis, because you've now got to pay for your grannies painkillers,  and you can only afford the cheapest ones because you're paid the minimum wage.

This is what tories are voting for, this is the level of contempt they possess for the British people.

Low skill, low paid, low productivity, sweat shop with bunce off shore Britain. Pitching itself as a stash hole for dodgy swag, where the proceeds of international war, genocide and crime are cleaned and placed back in circulation to fund more war, genocide, and crime.

Does the right wing media cause so much damage to the Tory hive mind, that they simply don't care or they just can't grasp this?

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