Food Bank use/Benefit Sanctions

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Food Bank use/Benefit Sanctions

Post by Sassy on Mon May 08, 2017 10:20 am

I think what is going on can be summed up by the page shot below. Getting the bloody Tories out. And if you aren't a millionaire and vote Tory, you deserve everything you get.

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Re: Food Bank use/Benefit Sanctions

Post by Aspca4ever on Mon May 08, 2017 1:51 pm

On another political community, we have this horrid nearly human member that keeps beating the drum {broken record that he is} about how many abusers of our SNAP/VISION Cards {food stamp program} there are. 
It's as if he's able to spend his 24/7 time trolling every fake media/blogger sights and regurgitating the same old BS stories of people with those gov. funded aide programs purchasing: lobster/choice cuts of beef - steak/cashing their credits in for real cash and buying cruise ship tickets etc., etc., etc. and having some real hard data that those grifters are all driving Mercedes/Audis/Jaguars to the food banks to get their 'FREEBIES'!
Now I'm in now way denying that there haven't been humans that have found a way to abuse the SNAP/VISION CARD program ...that's always a open ended opportunity for the neardowells to screw it up for the majority of the really dependent needy that have to rely upon those assistant programs. 
Our elderly/handicapped/veterans/single parents and in the past 20+ years the working poor have become those that have been needing a hand up with their increasing monthly food expenditures or their family just doesn't eat 2 meals a day let alone 3 meals a day - every day - every week! 
So his #1 opinion/solution is to abolish all of these programs due to a few that have 'spoiled it' by being bastards and creating chaos and criminal activity Evil or Very Mad   
There are times I've hoped KARMA would visit him specifically and allow him to FEEL what it's like to live a dependent/needy life style! 
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