CAWI POLL - Tory lead drops more, Corbyn preferred for PM

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CAWI POLL - Tory lead drops more, Corbyn preferred for PM

Post by Sassy on Wed May 03, 2017 5:00 pm

The new CAWI Poll is very clear: British voters prefer Jeremy Corbyn. The Leader of the Labour Party wins both the Millenials and the elders. He’s in the lead in big cities while he loses in the suburbs and rural areas.

The Conservative Party is still the first political party in the UK, but it’s closely followed as ever by The Labour Party. This contrast is polarizing the UK electorate so much that it’s dramatically shrinking the UK Indepenence Party. The Liberal Democrats, however, are stable compared to the last elections. The Scottish National Party and The Green Party lose some electoral consensus.

Sample size: 36,000; Margin of error: +-3%

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