Thrifty bride takes the bus to her own wedding

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Thrifty bride takes the bus to her own wedding

Post by Irn Bru on Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:21 am

A thrifty bride stunned her guests and passengers when she travelled to her wedding – onboard a regular bus.

Yvonne Gorman, 34, opted to take public transport after deciding it would be too difficult for guests to find parking spaces near her city-centre wedding venue.

She stunned passengers – and her groom Jim Lease – when she and 13 guests arrived for her big day on board the i4 Trentbarton bus service in Derby.

Stunned passengers watched on as the group all paid the gobsmacked driver £2 each for the 10-minute trip from her home in Chaddesden, Derby.

Other wedding guests then had a shock as Yvonne stepped off the bus outside Derby’s Council House chambers where she married Jim, 31.

The bride’s face is now plastered over the back of the i4 bus as part of their campaign to show how passengers use the service for any occasion.

Oh how I would loved to be on that bus. It must have been a scream to witness all that. And Dad was left to pay all the fares too. Well, that's what dads are for isn't it.

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Re: Thrifty bride takes the bus to her own wedding

Post by Sassy on Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:36 am

LOL, my friend did that years ago, but not out of choice. The taxi they had hired (which was an exxtravagence as they were dead broke) never arrived and as they lived in Kew in London, there were plenty of buses. They topped it off by coming back in a van one of our friends had travelled in!!!!
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