A bit more about God's wives.

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A bit more about God's wives.

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:44 am

Hi folks. our so-called loving father who's moral codes we are expected to follow had, as with other mythical gods, sexual relationships with sisters, and more than one wife:

Jehovah’s Wives.
AHOLIBAH A wife of JEHOVAH, condemned by the Hebrews.

ANATHA BAETYL A wife of JEHOVAH. Solomon built 2 temples beside JEHOVAH’S in Jerusalem, one to this goddess and one to ASHIMA BAETYL.

ASHERA (ASHERAT) Canaanite (originally Assyrian) Mother goddess & wife of BAAL. She was worshipped alongside JEHOVAH as his wife and sister, in Solomon’s temple .

ASHIMA BAETYL Another wife of JEHOVAH who had a temple beside that for ANATHA BAETYL.

SOPHIA (‘Wisdom’) Gnostic personification of wisdom as feminine. CF: Bible Proverbs 9. Luke 7: 35. Mother of virgin birth (?) Festival August 15th. & October 5th. A wife & sister of JEHOVAH. Their daughter was SOPHIA AKHAMOTH, also reputedly a virgin birth.

SOPHIA AKHAMOTH Daughter of SOPHIA & JEHOVAH, but also reputedly a virgin birth. She brought wisdom to mankind. Occultists link her to the lower astral light, or ether.
Incidentally, mention is made above of virgin births, Mary wasn't the only one:
SHING-MU. Ancient Chinese holy mother of perfect intelligence. Mother of a virgin birth.


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