It's official - The recession was not all down to Labour

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It's official - The recession was not all down to Labour

Post by Irn Bru on Sat May 05, 2012 8:35 pm

Yes, it has now been confirmed that the recession was down to the collapse of the global banking system Here's the proof...

David Cameron - March 2009

In a striking admission, Mr Cameron said not all of the present problems had been created since Labour came to power almost 12 years ago. "If we're honest we must recognise that some of our economic difficulties today relate not only to what has happened in the last ten years, but also to fundamental weaknesses that have been there for decades," he said.
These remarks could upset Tory traditionalists who will see it as a partial apology for Thatcherite policies.

Mervyn King - September 2010

Before the crisis, steady growth with low inflation and high employment was in our grasp. We let it slip - we, that is, in the financial sector and as policy-makers

Mervyn King again - March 2011

Enter Mervyn King, who used a newspaper interview directly to contradict Osborne's claim that the recession was all Labour's fault. He argued sensibly that, instead, the blame lay with the banks and the financial sector

And last but not least - former Labour voter In a Flap - 5 May 2012

I am sure that Merv is right that the recession is not ALL labours fault

That's the proof.

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