Jeremy Hunt, the secret News Corp emails and the 'absolutely illegal' tip-off

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Jeremy Hunt, the secret News Corp emails and the 'absolutely illegal' tip-off

Post by Irn Bru on Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:56 pm

Jeremy Hunt, the sA devastating series of emails shown to the Leveson Inquiry lays bare the secret collusion between Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, and News Corporation as the company was trying to buy BSkyB. ecret News Corp emails and the 'absolutely illegal' tip-off

The media empire controlled by Rupert Murdoch and his son James was given near-daily updates by email from Mr Hunt's office, while the Culture Secretary was in charge of scrutinising the takeover.

News Corp executives were even given private briefings on Mr Hunt’s confidential discussions with regulators and other media organisations.

At one point, News Corp's chief lobbyist emailed James Murdoch to say he had “managed to get some info” on what Jeremy Hunt would announce to Parliament the next day "although absolutely illegal!".

If this is true then it looks like he's had it and it looks like Cameron may be in it up to his neck as well.

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