Robin Gibb bravely takes on new charity role despite battling for life

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Robin Gibb bravely takes on new charity role despite battling for life

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:51 am

Battling Bee Gee Robin Gibb is bravely carrying on with his charity work – after vowing to beat the aggressive form of liver cancer that has left him fighting for life.

The 62-year-old pop legend is having chemotherapy after being admitted to hospital almost two months ago.

Despite being drained by the intensive treatment he is determined to bounce back and has been allowed home on several ­occasions to see his family and friends.

One close pal said last night: “He’s very strong willed – if anyone can beat this it’s Robin.”

Fears for the star’s health were first raised in October when he appeared on ITV looking frail and gaunt.

Robin, who has an £8million home in Oxfordshire, is devastated after missing a charity event for music project Rock The House on Wednesday due to his illness.

But his management say he is adamant he wants to go on supporting causes close to his heart despite his illness.

The musician’s spokesman and long-standing friend Mick Garbutt reassured fans he was getting the best possible care, and said he is looking forward to attending the launch of his new classical composition in early April.

Speaking at a launch event for the Rock The House project, of which Robin is a patron, Mick explained: “He would have absolutely loved to be here in person, but unfortunately that simply hasn’t been possible with his health.

“It is true to say he is very unwell, but he’s an incredible man and enjoys lots of support from his close circle of friends and family, and particularly from his wife Dwina.

“He’s determined to keep supporting good causes which he believes in strongly even as he fights this terrible illness. The support he has been receiving from fans has been fantastic – he’s a national treasure really. While he can still use his profile to raise awareness for issues close to his heart he will always do so.”

Mick added: “He is receiving regular chemotherapy and fighting hard. He is also heading home to be with his family at every possible opportunity as that’s where he feels comfortable, but the reality is that he is very unwell.

“He has set himself a goal to be at the gala performance of his first classical composition in April and everybody around him hopes that he will be there.”

After news of his illness first emerged, Robin said on his official website: “I wish to thank my family, friends and fans and the many thousands of people who do not know me but have enjoyed Bee Gees music and have wished me well.”

He added: “I have been very unwell and am now on the road to recovery.”

The Stayin’ Alive singer is responding to treatment and his progress is said to have exceeded doctors’ expectations. But his condition has hampered attempts to finish his first classical piece, The Titanic Requiem.

It is to have its debut on April 10 played by the Royal ­Philharmonic Orchestra to mark the centenary of the ill-fated ship’s launch. The star has drafted in his son Robin-John to help finish it.

Despite his condition, Robin signed this week as a patron of Rock The House – a charity started by Conservative MP Mike Weatherley to support musicians from across the UK.

The charity has launched a competition to give amateur acts a chance to perform live at the House of Commons. It also supports the intellectual property rights of British artists.

The Bee Gees are one of the best-selling groups of all time, selling more than 220 million in a career spanning more than 40 years.

But their success has been tinged with tragedy. Youngest brother Andy, also a singer, died aged 30 in 1988. And Robin’s twin Maurice died at 53 in 2003 during surgery on a blocked intestine.

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Oh poor man doesnt he look terrible?
That family has had some terrible loss.


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Re: Robin Gibb bravely takes on new charity role despite battling for life

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:58 pm

What a terrible picture and good on him for trying to carry on, but it does make me cross when people say attitude can beat cancer, it can't, either the drugs work or they don't. If its a 'battle' are you then somehow not a strong enough person if you die! Grrrrrrr.

That being said, I certainly wish him all the best.


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Re: Robin Gibb bravely takes on new charity role despite battling for life

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:03 pm

That picture makes me so sad, it reminds me of how gaunt my FIL looked towards the end Sad

As you say Nems, so much sadness No


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