Problem families to get "trouble-shooters"

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Problem families to get "trouble-shooters"

Post by MrDoodles on Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:27 am

In the wake of the riots of the summer, Cameron has unveiled his latest plans – a network of “trouble-shooters” who will be paid thousands of pounds in order to ‘turn around’ problem families, many of whom actively took part in the riots!

These trouble-shooters will receive approximately £450 million in taxpayers’ money to help 120,000 of these so called problem families.

This money will be spent on creating plans to help parents find work, stopping them from drinking or taking drugs, and ensuring that the children go to school. The trouble-shooters will receive an average of £3,750 per family.

Over the next few months, councils are expected to appoint the new trouble-shooters and many charities and private firms will be able to bid to also take part in the programme. Each trouble-shooter then confirms the number of troubled families in their area and will draw up plans with each of them.

According to Cameron, “this will often be basic, practical things that are the building blocks of an orderly home and a responsible life.”

Given that we as taxpayers already have to pay a fortune in benefits to each of these families, including of course in many instances, job-seekers allowance, it is laughable that we are also now expected to pay for an external “trouble-shooter” to make plans and to look for jobs for these people. This seems to be yet another waste of taxpayers’ money on people that often do not deserve it as they are unwilling to help themselves first.
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Re: Problem families to get "trouble-shooters"

Post by Drinky on Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:00 am

Well your guys are busy having holidays at our expense to assist with these families.

Joking apart if these families aren't tackled we have generation after generation of Jeremy Kyle contestants.
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