World Wr II The last Heroes

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World Wr II The last Heroes

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 23, 2011 7:56 am

Has anyone else been watching this on channel 4?
Have to say, am very disappointed, does seem inaccurate, especially the episode last night, whilst it is very important to learn lesson's from the past, I wish they would get the information right.
Last night they made out the 12th SS Panser Divison was made up of youths as young as 13 during Normandy, which was complete nonsense, 65% were made up of the the class of those born in 1926, making them 18, 17% were 19 and the rest above 20, they also forgot to note that many British soldiers were also 18.
Also innaccurate in regards to the tanks being used, and just proves the affect of the Tiger, as up until the 14th of June there were only 8 Tigers in the Panzer Lehr Division, all the rest were Panthers and Mark IV's.

The discription of operation Perch, the battle of Villers-Bocage, was also innaccurate, there were only 5 Tigers of the 101 Heavy ss Panser Battallion, that were in the area, and it was the action of the ace Michael Wittman that mainly through his own actions brought a halt to the 7th armoured Divison, it was not until later in the action that the four other Tigers were involved and only when his own Tiger was disabled, that he managed to get back to the lines of Panzer Lehr Divsion to bring up reinforcements of some Mark IV's and Panthers.


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