I Did Wonder Who The Were Referring To!

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I Did Wonder Who The Were Referring To!

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:15 pm

Far Right Party's 'Fascist Goat' Mascot Snatched
1:07am UK, Tuesday October 18, 2011

A goat used as a mascot by a far-right political party in Switzerland has been kidnapped by left-wing rivals just a week before the country's General Election.

Zottel the goat has been used as a mascot by the SVP since 2006

Zottel has been used in political hustings and campaigns since 2006 by the Swiss People's Party (SVP).

But sometime during the night of October 14, he and another goat were snatched from their stable in Zurich, at the home of Swiss MP Ernst Schibli.

Mr Schibli said he had received an anonymous letter with death threats to "fascist goat Zottel" this summer.

Left-wing group Anti-Fascist Action have claimed responsibility for the kidnapping in a statement posted on the internet - which the SVP responded to by issuing a statement demanding Zottel's return.

Zottel rose to fame in the 2007 election campaign, when he became a key figure thanks to his starring role in online games.

In the games, he expelled illegal migrants from the country, prevented them from becoming Swiss citizens and fired a crossbow at European officials which the party claimed were "seeking to steal money from Swiss taxpayers".

The SVP won 28.9% of the vote in 2007 and are expected to score a record 30% of the vote this year.

Police in Zurich say they are investigating several leads.


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