Immigration Think Tank Repeats British National Party Message That Cameron’s ‘Tens of Thousands’ Pledge Is a Lie

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Immigration Think Tank Repeats British National Party Message That Cameron’s ‘Tens of Thousands’ Pledge Is a Lie

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 22, 2011 5:20 pm

Ever since David Cameron made his misleading promise last year to reduce net migration to ‘only’ the ‘tens of thousands’, the BNP have reported his claims to be just another Tory manifesto lie.

Now academics at The Migration Observatory have said the same.

The Migration Observatory stated that the Government has no hope of achieving its manifesto aims of reducing immigration to the tens of thousands, even by the end of its term in 2015.

The body, which is made up of experts from Oxford University, said net immigration – the difference between those arriving and those leaving the UK – would still be running as high as 167,000 in four years’ time.

And it admitted that even that was a ‘generous assumption’ and is ‘likely to be an underestimate’.

The Prime Minister has said repeatedly that he wants to reduce net migration to below 100,000 by 2015, but the report, titled ‘Off Target’, showed that to be impossible.

Its analysis suggests the reforms will only cut the net migrant worker figures by 11,000 a year and the net migration of students by 56,000 a year.

As previously stated on this website, because foreign student immigration levels are at approximately 350,000 a year, that amount would be nigh on meaningless.

The report goes on to suggest that the 350,000 figure may increase still further, owing to Government funding cuts to the higher education sector, making the 56,000 reduction even more insignificant.

The study also predicts that any future proposals on changing settlement rights are unlikely to deliver ‘tangible change’, while family migration figures may only be cut by 8,000 a year.

It demonstrates that Government policy – if actually applied – would mean that the Coalition would only reduce net immigration by around 75,000, 67,000 short of its supposed target in 2015 and well above the ‘tens of thousands’ level.

The report even admits that its estimates are ‘based on a number of generous assumptions’ and that the ‘actual achieved reduction in non-EU net migration may well be less than 75,000’.

Net immigration currently stands at 242,000 a year under the ConDem regime, the highest since Labour opened the doors to Eastern European workers when eight countries joined the EU in 2004.

Actual immigration into Britain totals around 600,000 every year, while roughly 350,000–400,000 people a year emigrate.

Only the British National Party has a real, firm policy on immigration – to halt it completely. Reducing net immigration to the tens of thousands, if actually carried out, would only mean a slightly slower death for Britain. Twisted Evil


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