Salford Council Staff and GMP Officer Arrested for £100,000 Fraud

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Salford Council Staff and GMP Officer Arrested for £100,000 Fraud

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:33 am

Two council licensing officers and a serving Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officer were arrested earlier this week for fraud and money laundering from Salford City Council.

Salford council officer Jane Nugent, who took a £30,000 voluntary redundancy package from the council earlier this year, was arrested on suspicion of fraud.

Miss Nugent’s boyfriend, PC Graham Fox, a serving police officer based at Bury station, was also arrested on money laundering charges.

The second member of Salford Council staff, Gareth Robinson, was arrested on charges of misuse of a council credit card with irregularities of around £7,000.

Both members of Salford City Council worked within the Licensing department, which is responsible for the issuing of the licences for taxis, street traders, pubs and dealing with fixed penalty notices.

Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty said: “Salford Council insist there is no corruption within their remit, yet time and time again we hear in Salford of swindling from the council staff.

“It is appalling and an absolute disgrace that civil servants with such a high responsibility to serve the people of Salford can apparently fraudulently go undetected for so long.

It just reinforces our message of why we need to put a British National Party councillor within Salford Council.

“I just hope justice is done and lengthy prison sentences are served by those responsible, who have taken the people of Salford as idiots.

I would also like to see every single penny paid back and tighter controls enforced so this never occurs again.” Twisted Evil


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