Immigration Reaches Record High Levels under “Anti-Immigration” Tories

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Immigration Reaches Record High Levels under “Anti-Immigration” Tories

Post by Guest on Sun May 29, 2011 9:35 am

Serial liar David Cameron’s pledge to cut net immigration into Britain to “only” tens of thousands has been revealed as just the latest broken Tory promise with the news that the ConDem regime has already presided over a record rise in immigration.

Over the twelve months to September 2010, 586,000 people moved to Britain, while 344,000 emigrated, resulting in a 100,000 increase in net migration on the previous year, ONS figures revealed.

The net migration total of 242,000 was the highest since immigrants from Eastern European poured into Britain when their countries joined the EU in 2004.

The numbers mean that the Prime Minister must more than halve immigration if he is to live up to his blatantly misleading “aspiration” to reduce net immigration (not actual immigration) to “the tens of thousands” a year.

However, Cameron’s ineffectual plan to cut student visas for people entering Britain by only 80,000, from 350,000 a year to 270,000 a year, has already put paid to his “tens of thousands” lie.

Furthermore, part of the rise has been due to an increased amount of Eastern European migration, a figure the government cannot control while we are part of the EU.

The net migration increase has been driven up by a twenty per cent fall in people emigrating, amid reports that many are put off by a rising cost of living abroad.

The ONS’ quarterly review of immigration statistics also revealed the number of people granted settlement in Britain has increased by four per cent and that asylum claims are up eleven per cent.

Separate figures from the ONS showed one in five low-skilled jobs are now filled by migrants, fuelling concerns over jobs for British workers.

In London, nearly 40 per cent of workers come from overseas – more than 1.4 million people working in the capital were foreign born – compared with just over 2.3 million who were born in the UK.

The figures make a mockery of the left’s oft-repeated lie that one of the supposed benefits of immigration is that immigrants “do the jobs we won’t or don’t want to do”.

Unless 40 per cent of the jobs in London are jobs Britons will not do, that is clearly a falsehood, and foreigners are now taking British jobs from Britons in record numbers.

The LibLabCon parties are all the same on immigration.

Only the British National Party will end the immigrant invasion and put British people first. Twisted Evil


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